Terms And Conditions of Best Window Glass Inc.


IT IS UNDERSTOOD that this is a Service Contract, and not an Insurance Policy.

This Contract entitles the NAMED Contract Holder, upon payment of the applicable deductible, to free replacement on exterior glass windows or doors, including and not excluding breakage caused by accident or otherwise, for the period of time stipulated on page one of this contract.

As a condition of this contract, the Contract Holder understands that Best Window Glass Inc. may, at their discretion, and at any time during the first 14 (fourteen) days after issuing of this contract, make an inspection of the address of residence of the NAMED Contract Holder, to ensure that all exterior glass that is covered by this contract is in good condition.

It is WARRANTED AND UNDERSTOOD by the NAMED Contract Holder that all claims covered by this contract must be serviced by an authorized representative of Best Window Glass Inc. Effective January 1,2009 we will not cover any new polices for outside the lower mainland and all polices purchased prior to 2008 will not be renewed upon expiry.

It is FURTHER WARRANTED AND UNDERSTOOD that the conditions of this contract will be NULL AND VOID if the Contract Holder has his/her claims serviced by any unauthorized dealer.

All claims must be reported within 30 days of incident and all work must be completed within the current policy year.  Any claims reported after the 30 day period will be refused.

Best Window Glass Inc. is not responsible for breakage of glass in the event of fire, damage caused by poor installation, faulty window or door frames, or any and all acts of God. This Contract may be cancelled by both parties if there is any false statements made by the Contract Holder to Best Window Glass Inc., with regards to any claim hereunder, or if inadequate service has been given by any dealer authorized by Best Window Glass Inc.

This contract only covers exterior windows and doors of the principal premises of the Contract Holder. It does not cover any  windows on any seasonal dwelling owned by the Contract Holder.  If any property becomes vacant or under renovation the deductible increases by an extra $25.00 and is only covered for 14 days upon which a C.O.C. contract needs to be purchased or the policy becomes null and void.

Best Window Glass Inc. is not liable for the breakage of any of the following:

  1. Stained glass,bevelled glass,etched glass or glass art.
  2. Decorative glass & designed inserts between two panes of glass
  3. Sign painting or lettering on windows or doors.
  4. Sandblasted glass,bent glass, plexi glass, or dome skyligh
  5. Any film coatings
  6. Breakage to badly failed sealed units will not be covered for any reason.(This will be determined by Best Window Glass).
  7. Fights, gang related or not, grow ops/rips, drive by shootings of any kind, domestic violence and revenge or targeted vandalism to home or business, tagging,(acid etch or other).
  8. Internally cracked laminated safety windows & skylights with no sign of damage(ie:heat cracks,stress factors).

Patterned Glass WILL BE covered but Best Window Glass Inc. is not responsible for matching any glass not available through our suppliers.

Best Window Glass Inc. promises to the Contract Holder to provide the

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